How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon

Amazon has become an indispensable marketplace with over 4K items sold by SMBs in the US every minute and approximately 89% of Americans say they are more likely to purchase a product from Amazon than from any other online marketplace. 

If you’re selling your products on Amazon, then protecting your brand from infringements and counterfeiters is  vital. 

In this MUST READ eBook we go into detail about:

  • Key infringements including - patent, trademark and copyright infringement and how to deal with them

  • The surest ways to safeguard your brand on Amazon; from logo and packaging to using Amazon listing notifications services

  • Making the shift from manual to automatic monitoring 

Download our eBook to learn more about what you can do to protect your brand on Amazon. 

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Companies Trusting BrandShield


Marcus Jaeger

IP Address & Domain Management

"I can say yes, I am impressed and for my requirements the system is better compared to others I have seen and used over the years."

Michele Michaeli

VP Marketing

"BrandShield’s hunters have reached a phenomenal takedown success rate, both with Chinese and Western marketplaces. Now we are always in control of our relevant digital environment, with immediate access to view everything in the system and recieving reports."

Morten R Serup

Brand Protection Officer

“We chose Brandshield over its competitors because of their exceptional product offering, but what really sold us was their legal competence, combined with their deep commercial understanding of how business works, and we have been impressed by the results. The results are just tremendous! With Brandshield on board we knew we could proactively manage Brand Protection risks before they cause irreparable damage."