How to Protect Your Brand During the Holidays

Everyone loves the holiday season and counterfeiters are no different. With COVID forcing people to stay indoors, online holiday shopping increased 32% last year compared to the year before. Given the immense sales potential of this period and the possible damage fake goods can cause, online brand protection is a must.

In our most recent eBook we go into detail about:

  • Various types of brand abuse as well as the dangers brands need to be aware of

  • Statistics of consumer behavior, holiday shopping and counterfeit product sales 

  • What you need to be doing to increase your brand protection this holiday season

Download our eBook to learn more about what you can do to protect your brand these holidays.

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Companies Trusting BrandShield


Marcus Jaeger

IP Address & Domain Management

"I can say yes, I am impressed and for my requirements the system is better compared to others I have seen and used over the years."

Michele Michaeli

VP Marketing

"BrandShield’s hunters have reached a phenomenal takedown success rate, both with Chinese and Western marketplaces. Now we are always in control of our relevant digital environment, with immediate access to view everything in the system and recieving reports."

Morten R Serup

Brand Protection Officer

“We chose Brandshield over its competitors because of their exceptional product offering, but what really sold us was their legal competence, combined with their deep commercial understanding of how business works, and we have been impressed by the results. The results are just tremendous! With Brandshield on board we knew we could proactively manage Brand Protection risks before they cause irreparable damage."