How to Protect Your Brand and Executives from Impersonation

Impersonation attacks are a dangerous doorway to a variety of attacks that can each cost in the realm of $4.65 million. To make matters worse, the success rate of this type of attack is shockingly high. Having said that, there are effective tactics to combat these attacks, from threat intelligence, to threat hunting and AI.

In this MUST READ eBook we go into detail about:

  • Types of impersonation attacks - including brand, personal and customer service

  • Objectives of these attacks - cybercriminals are not just looking for money, they are looking for access to data, networks and personal information.

  • How cybercriminals use social engineering to build trust in order to gain access to sensitive information.

  • What you can do to protect your business from these attacks

Download our eBook to learn more about what you can do to protect your business from impersonation attacks. 

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Companies trusting Brandshield

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Sebastien Borget

Chief Executive Officer, The Sandbox

"With their ability to protect against these attacks, Brandshield is a critical weapon in the fight to remove phishing attacks and threats from brand impersonators and bad actors"


David Little

Head of Teachnology at LionTrust Bank

“BrandShield excels at proactively detecting digital risks as soon as they appear and removes them immediately. Their technology enables us to detect phishing and impersonation to our company, including the detection of duplicated sites within seconds. With BrandShield we have reached a 100% takedown success rate on all external threats!”

Morten R Serup

Sr. Brand Protection Officer

“We chose Brandshield over its competitors because of their exceptional product offering, but what really sold us was their legal competence, combined with their deep commercial understanding of how business works, and we have been impressed by the results. The results are just tremendous! With Brandshield on board we knew we could proactively manage Brand Protection risks before they cause irreparable damage."